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an independent movement

This is an independent movement and a call to action. Our agenda is the normalization of pay transparency and open pay discussion among working people of all sectors as powerful tools in the war against glaring corporate greed. Fortunately, the right discuss pay is federally protected in the U.S.

We are individuals with several years in the workforce, a great concern for economic justice and an affinity for creative endeavors with a purpose.

While we are not currently aligned with any individual or organization, there are individuals and organizations we are happy to support, such as Salary Transparent Street.

Many of us were ingrained with the notion that openly discussing one's pay is to divulge something deeply personal and in bad form. Unprofessional. To talk about one's current "market worth" is akin to revealing one's innermost soul. The reality is that suppressing this information makes it easier to suppress wages. This movement is to normalize open discussion of wages, supported by submitted stories.

V 1.0 There is much more to come!

What do you earn?