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wages and stories

Did an employer tell you not to discuss your pay?

Did you successfully or unsuccessfully confront an employer about an unfair pay discrepancy?

Do you just want to share what you earn?

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Erin, Nonprofit Development,

Los Angeles, California

$45,000 - $50,000

Rayne, Freelance/Entertainment Makeup Artist

Los Angeles, California/Dallas, Texas



Kristy, Lease Administrator, Dallas Texas


Alison, Staff Assistant, County Hospital



Al, Heart Monitoring, Tarrant County, Texas

$45,000 base with $60k-$70k bonus

Rebecca, Loan Processor, Fort Worth, Texas


Chris, Telecommunications Software Engineer, Frisco, Texas

$1700 average + $10,400

Mari, Self Employed Housekeeper

PT veterinary office assistant, Hurst, Texas